Hiking The Enchantments In One Day

My best friend managed to snag a permit to hike through The Enchantments in Wenatchee National Forest, so she took me on my first backpacking trip as an early birthday present. I definitely agree with everyone we talked to on the trail when they said that this was a killer intro to backpacking. We were also happy to prove the people that doubted us wrong by completing the hike in one 15 hour trip.

Running on 4 1/2 hours of sleep, backpacking 18 miles in one day, topping out at 7500' in Aasgard Pass, climbing up 2200' of boulders on my hands and feet while being deathly afraid of heights, running from a mama mountain goat that wanted our lunch, dealing with soaking wet feet while walking across miles of snow, climbing more rocks along the trail, being eaten by mosquitoes, hiking an hour in the dark, having mountain goats frolic next by us, seeing the most breathtaking views I've ever witnessed, sliding on my butt down snow covered inclines, drinking delicious (filtered) mountain water, and overcoming every obstacle that presented itself is a pretty short summary of what we went through. We kicked all kinds of butt on this trail and enjoyed a nice day of being tourists in Leavenworth the next day.

An important part of the trip was using Loop Connector to take us from the Snow Lakes trailhead up to Colchuck/Stuart Lake Trailhead so that we could hike back to the car and not hitchhike or find some other way to travel 8 miles back to the car. This is the first season for Loop Connector and Jordan is awesome an knowledgeable about the The Enchantments since he's hiked it numerous times. Check it out here and I promise it's more than worth the $15.

The photos do cut off shortly after clambering to the top of Aasgard Pass because taking my pack off to get my camera out each time was keeping me from being fully present. The photos that were taken are more than enough to show how awesome this trip was though.

There are prints from this trip available in the shop if you're interested, and if there's a photo you would like a print of you're more than welcome to email me at kelceyolson@hotmail.com and let me know what you would like a print of.

Alright that's enough chit chat, on to the photos!


After feeling like mother nature thoroughly beat me up, we had to end our stay in the area with a German beer. It's Leavenworth so it would be a crime not to!