Tyler Thrasher + Paxton Gate

Meeting other artists that inspire you is essential to staying humble, and to say that meeting Tyler Thrasher and seeing his work in person was a humbling experience is an understatement. Listening to Tyler tell his journey to where he is now, failures and all, is a fantastic reminder to keep working at your craft and to never give up.

When it comes to art, there is no finish line. Of course we all want to become better and learn new techniques and be recognized for our tireless efforts, but the work never truly stops. That's probably the best part about being an artist. Our learning is never done, and just when we think we've learned enough we meet others that inspire us to keep going.

Be sure to check out his gorgeous crystallized critters and pick up a print here.

If you're ever in Portland and have a soft spot for taxidermy and curiosities be sure to stop by my home away from home, Paxton Gate.

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