My Story

Kelcey Olson Photography based on Portland, Oregon about me page.

  Taken by Jamie Carle

Taken by Jamie Carle


My love affair with photography started back in 2008. Since then I've grown so much as a portrait photographer and a person, but some things never change. Here's a bullet point list of some quick facts about me because it's easier than writing an essay on myself:

  • Appreciator of pizza
  • Some would describe me as "hilarious"
  • Adventure is my figurative middle name
  • Fighting for justice gets me really jazzed up
  • I take my rescued former feral cat on walks
  • Washington is my home state and I never want to move away from the pacific northwest
  • Beer > wine
  • I watch a lot of stand-up comedy while editing
  • I enjoy trying new recipes then quickly remembering I'm terrible at cooking.

In general I love pizza and people and do my best to be lovable. If you can relate and want me to make you laugh and take photos of you then feel free to contact me <3